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Many thanks to all those North American alumni who participated in the university update and 120th anniversary briefing via Zoom on November 30, 2023. It was a most gratifying, bonding and informative experience for the 20-plus attendees. Below are links to the recording and transcript of the interaction. Please use the passcode to each link provided below. We will be scheduling follow up conversations. Those Old Rhodians based in California are already planning a late-January meet-up for lunch or dinner in Palo Alto, CA. More gatherings to follow in New York and other cities. Any alumni interested in taking active roles with the USA Trust, do let me know (donovan@cmocouncil.org). And don’t forget, year-end giving is coming into season!

Be a part of it. Celebrate the heritage.

Rhodes University will celebrate 120 years of academic excellence, research innovation, and foundational leadership building in 2024. A year-long program of events, celebrations, activities and reunions is in the works. We are keen to actively engage Old Rhodians from the USA and Canada in this milestone commemoration. Let us know if you would consider any of the following:

  • Attending the celebrations in 2024 to connect and socialize with old friends
  • Participating in virtual Zoom calls to receive updates and learn about funding needs
  • Giving time, expertise and introductions to further fundraising in North America
  • Contributing content or insights to our website (www.rhodesalumni.com)
  • Serving in a leadership capacity on the Rhodes University Trust (USA) board
  • Making a donation or bequest to help fund scholarships or projects

Please revert at your earliest convenience and let us know if you have an interest in actively engaging with our alma mater in North America and South Africa. If so, we’d like to organize an introductory call.

Be a Part of It. So Much to Celebrate.
Email to ru120@ru.ac.za

Rhodes University and UNICEF
Aug 2023

UNICEF has teamed with Rhodes University Biotechnology Innovation Centre to develop an aptamer that could save countless lives by making smarter, more affordable pregnancy diagnostics available to women everywhere.

Pregnancy-related deaths have dropped some 34% globally since 2000, but still remain far too common. Some 2.8 million pregnant women and newborns die every year, mostly of preventable or treatable causes. Approximately 95% of these deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. Early pregnancy detection can save countless lives by enabling timely antenatal care. Read more

Sable Network Blog
Aug 2023

Ever noticed in England their traffic lights go from Green to Amber to Red and then back to Amber before Green? Our robots don’t, they go Green, Amber, Red, Green! Having just read John Endres (Institute of Race Relations) article “South Africa’s Third Age: What lies ahead?” it occur Red to me that the English traffic lights represent what might be in SA - an evolving scenario, as the diagram below encapsulates. Read more

Rhodes University News

Rhodes University
New Institutional Development Plan for 2023 to 2028

Please support Rhodes University as it continues to be one of South Africa’s best-performing public higher education institutions in terms of student experience/success and research and community engagement. The new IDP is about engaging strategies for maintaining traditional areas of strength. Rhodes will continue to uphold its unique value proposition in general formative degree offerings and the research-teaching-community engagement nexus which enables our students to access powerful knowledge. Download

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